Even if I were home in Massachusetts, I don’t think the title of my blog would fit weather-wise; I hear there is some bizarre weather going on there! It continues to be perpetual summer here…actually, it’s going to become even MORE like summer over the coming months, if that’s even possible.

I’ve been updating my blog in more of a biweekly fashion lately, mostly because I find that my weeks are already flying by. The past two weeks have been crazy busy, and they aren’t about to get any less so, hence the title for this blog!

School is picking up; we are starting to get into more intense study materials, and are really utilizing every minute of the days we meet. We have finally reached the New Testament in our Bible studies, and have been talking a lot about the importance of following Jesus and loving Him with all our our hearts, all our minds, and with all our strength. We touched on John the Baptist two weeks ago, and this week, we read the story of Jesus and the pharisee, Nicodemus. That story has Jesus and Nicodemus talking about ‘new life’, and how being ‘born again’ by water and the Holy Spirit (baptism). Before I knew it, there were shouts of ‘I want to be baptized!’ ringing throughout the choukoun from these little voices. It was amazing. We talked about how and why being baptized is a big step in someone’s faith journey, so they had to pray about it and talk with their moms and dads before anything. It just so happened on that day, some missionaries from Mission USA who were down here for a week were being baptized. So, the students stayed after school to watch the baptism. I talked them through it quietly as it happened outside our gate in the ocean; it was a beautiful thing to be able to share those moments with my students. It’s times like these where I’m reminded that this is no ordinary school environment; this is something that God has his hand completely on from the beginning, and I am awestruck every time I remember that.

Our class is finally back together! We missed you, Faith & Glory!

I have been able to interact with little Djanicka (I finally found out how to accurately spell her name!) several times in the last two weeks. I brought her formula two weeks ago, and will be bringing more this upcoming week. There also was a party for the disabled community of Grand Goave, put together by MOHI, Strength of Heart, and Mission USA, the last two organizations having been here this past week. Djanicka and her mother Tailande were in attendance, so I was able to spend some extra TLC time with them, which was special. There have been several people over the past few weeks that saw Djanicka when I first met her, and who see her now, that have remarked at how much better she is looking, in terms of nutrition. The formula that she has been consuming has certainly made a noticeable difference, and it will continue to get better from here, God willing!In addition to the funds that have been raised over the past few weeks, WNCC put on a fundraiser for Djanicka’s cause last night, and I heard there was an OVERWHELMING response, so thank you for that. I really am floored by God’s goodness in all of this. There is a physical therapist at a mission in Leogane called My Life Speaks, who has been in contact with Angie. I am getting the contact information for her, and plan to arrange an appointment for Djanicka and her mother to see if there are certain things that can be done at home to further her physical improvement. Angie and/or I plan to be present at this appointment, so that I can talk more with the physical therapist about what materials might benefit Djanicka. Once I am able to get a professional opinion, I can have a better medical sense about what would be best to purchase and ship here for her.

Enjoying the party with Djanicka
Djanicka & her mom Tailande when we went to drop off formula

This past week, we had a few different organizations join us here at MOHI, and the visitors are just going to keep coming and going! Among these visitors will be my sister and her two friends; they have reached their collective fundraising goal, and will be arriving in Haiti a week from today! I am SO excited to have them here, and to have two of the most important things to me (my sister & Haiti) come together!

This past week was a busy one, but it was the type of busy that rejuvenates the soul. The guest house was filled with people and constant activity, and I was so happy to meet and be in fellowship with everyone. One thing I appreciate more and more during my time here is everyone’s individual lives and stories. I grew up in Massachusetts, but never really ventured far away from it. Now, not only am I thousands of miles away on a God-oriented adventure, but people from all over come here and I get to broaden my horizons about the world, just by sitting, listening, and talking with people, whether it be over dinner, a bumpy bus ride, or a game of Zilch (a favorite here at Militon). I have always been on some sort of journey in my life; spiritual, emotional, mental, and now, physical. God instilled me with a spirit that likes to move, and I’ve been learning that He always equips us with what we need to complete what he has planned. His journeys are always the best, though; better than any we could plan on our own. 

Quote from the past two weeks that kind of sums up my adventurous spirit:

Me: I have an itch for adventure!

Angie: I have a cream for that.

We’re a hoot.

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