Hi there!

It’s been an eventful past few weeks.

First off, school has been going really well! The kids are doing really well, and are enjoying our studies. We spent a lot of our Bible time the past few weeks talking about the life and ministry of Jesus, and our Bible actually brought us to the story of his death and resurrection just as Easter rolled around. It’s like God watches over our classroom or something… 🙂 Our science studies have moved on to the much anticipated DINOSAUR subject; this will be a fun few weeks with that, I think. Reading and math have turned semi-intense for the older group, but they are handling that in stride and are very much rising to the challenge! The younger crew is solidifying their basic number and letter/phonics knowledge; by the time school ends in two months, they will be experts!

On the new L14 front, I have been making strides to learn more about the people that this ministry serves. Two weeks ago, I went out and met with families, brought them food, and learned their stories and what they needed from our ministry. Last week, I went to those families again, this time bringing Angie with me so that she could assess any pressing medical needs. From both visits, I have begun to create a ‘database’ of basic information, with names, ages, medical conditions, and living situations for each of the handicapped individuals. This will serve to help MOHI keep a continuous, detailed track of who we are serving, why, and what the basic needs are. It will also be a good way for MOHI and I to keep on the same page while I am working on this stateside!

I was honored to speak at MOHI’s annual Women’s Conference this past weekend. I spoke about Proverbs 31, and its description of a “woman of noble character”. This is one of my most FAVORITE scripture passages, and I felt as though God was telling me it was time to take my own personal lessons from previous study of it, and share it with other women who might benefit from it as well. I think even the guys took some things away from it, which was a plus!

On a not-so-official note, I had a WONDERFUL 25th birthday here in Haiti this past Sunday; I even got to share it with another missionary here, who is my birthday twin! Pastor Lex called us both up in front of the congregation on Sunday and we got sung ‘Happy Birthday’ in both English AND French. Many of our missionary friends came over later with their families for a party! It was so great. There was cake, there were decorations, there was music, and there was even RAIN which made it feel like a typical April birthday 🙂 Thank you to everyone who made my 25th birthday one that I will NEVER forget.

As I’m sitting here writing this, I have got one foot on the ground and the other one propped up on pillows in a chair. Yesterday, I had the unpleasant experience of spraining my right ankle; the first full day of being 25 was certainly eventful! Please pray for quick and lasting healing; all of you know how mobile/active I like to be 🙂

April is drawing to a close. It’s been an eventful month, which means the days have steadily raced by…and they don’t seem to be slowing down! I am looking forward to being in fellowship with you all again soon, less than two months to be exact, but I have begun to taste the bittersweetness that will come with my departure.


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