Hi everyone!

I am planning on writing a better update in the next few days, but there are just a few things I wanted to shoot out there quick.

First, my new Stateside number is: 9782284524 -Please get in touch with me if you’d like to meet up!

Second, I mentioned in the last blog that I’d be creating a ‘video recap’ of sorts, using things I recorded while I was in Haiti. I’ve since finished it, and uploaded it to YouTube, so click here to watch a quick five minute video, showing life through my eyes over the past ten months 🙂

I have seen so many of you over the past few days, and I hope to see those who I haven’t had a chance to yet! Call/text or send me an email if I haven’t already made plans with you.

I know I usually write more/in more detail, but, like I said, this is just a quick update to let you all know I’ve adjusted well so far, to give you my new number, and to post the video that I worked hard on 🙂

Happy to be home. Miss my Ayiti Cherie ❤



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